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Step into a bigger picture of success

There is an easier way, and you deserve to experience it. 

Step into a bigger picture of success

There is an easier way, and you deserve to experience it. 

Find Clarity

Gain a clear understanding of your strengths, values, and goals, and how you can leverage it to achieve success.

Create Order

Create a structure and organization so you can focus on what truly matters and make the most of your time and resources.

Set Direction

Get a clear sense of where you want to go and make intentional choices and decisions that align with our purpose and goals.

Take Inspired Action

Tap into your own creativity, intuition, and passion and take action that is aligned with your deepest values and desires.

There is an easier way

Are you familiar with the fly story – the fly who staked its life trying to fly through the window? Yet if it only turned 180 degrees, it would have found the door that could have led to its freedom.

Life can be full of challenges and obstacles, but that doesn’t mean we must struggle needlessly. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and look for a simpler, more efficient way of doing things that will lead to greater success with less effort.

Meet Bill Banta

Bill Banta is a highly experienced achievement coach who has helped numerous individuals attain a higher level of success both personally and professionally. With over 20 years of studying with various mentors and over 10 years of working with Bob Proctor, Bill has transformed his life by applying the system and process taught by Bob Proctor.

From struggling to find direction in his own life, to making 7-figures in a passionate career, Bill has now made it his mission to help others tap into their own genius, find that easier way to achievement. With a deep passion for mentorship and a proven track record of transforming lives, Bill is committed to helping individuals and teams create clarity, order, and direction in their lives and take inspired action towards a life of fulfillment and success.

Through coaching, mentoring, and training, Bill provides the tools and support necessary to overcome obstacles, unlock potential, and achieve true success and fulfillment. With his vast knowledge and expertise in mindset, business, sales, life, and success coaching, Bill is able to offer a holistic approach to helping others step into a bigger picture of success and achieve their dreams and goals.

In 1993, Bill Banta was a struggling house painter until he discovered the works of Bob Proctor. Reading “You Were Born Rich” ignited a passion for personal and professional growth that led him to build a 7-figure painting business and a true entrepreneur.

Between 2008 and 2020, Bill served as one of Bob Proctor’s top success advisors. Utilizing his innate ability to connect with people and inspire them to achieve significant life and career changes, he has become a highly sought-after mentor and coach.

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where you are now.. Now, …..

What does your picture of success look like?

The best thing I learned from Bob Proctor

How to really go into someone’s heart and guide them to a better place.

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Bill Banta has truly changed my life. His knowledge, experience and personality has allowed me to change my paradigm from mediocrity to amazing. Seeing the truth of who I really am personally and professionally has been a game changer. The value of any training far out ways the investment of time and finances. I’ve discovered that when you invest in yourself, commit to the process then throw in Bills’ tutelage , your life will change forever!

Scott Thompson
President/CEO, JurisTech Solutions LLC


Bill Banta is one of the most brilliant minds in the world of executive coaching and personal development. Through Bill’s guidance and direction I now know what it means to live my best life every single day. He teaches, mentors, leads and inspires me to be so much more than I can be by staying in my own head. When you work with Bill, get ready for the most amazing ride of your life!

Cathy Wilkes
CEO & Chief Wellness Officer, Volare Consulting Group, LLC

Working with Bill has been a blessing in my life. He’s helped me clarify my thinking and breakthrough to new levels of success and fulfilment. 

Ben Spangl
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most and Learn to take inspired action to get it.

I’ve discovered that recognizing your strengths and value, whether in your personal or professional life, can build confidence and trust in yourself and your abilities. And when you learn to apply a proven system of success, you can experience achievement with ease. Of course, we often want to keep complicating things, but when you keep it simple and focus on creating the right environment, it yields massive transformation.

Areas of expertise


Goals & Objectives

Goals gives direction and purpose to our lives, as it provides a roadmap for our actions and helps us prioritize what truly matters.



Vision is our ability to see our desired future, and use it as a guiding force to shape our actions and decisions in the present.



Confidence is the belief in ourselves and our abilities to succeed, even in the face of challenges and obstacles.


Sales mastery

Heart to heart sales… ability to communicate to the heart of your prospect, rather to their head.



Mindset is the beliefs, attitudes, and habits that shape our perception and our potential and can either enable or limit our success.


Wealth creation

Wealth creation is attracting the financial resources and opportunities to live a fulfilling life and pursue our passions and purpose.



Relationships are the connections we form with others who support, inspire, and challenge us to achieve our full potential.



Leadership is taking ownership of our lives, making choices that align with our values and purpose, and inspiring others to do the same.


Reaching your goal is like flying a plane.
You need a clear destination, a well-planned flight path, and the courage to navigate turbulence and adjust course as needed to reach your desired destination.

And when you reach it, you’ll realize you could have gone farther.

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